Ten Keys to Peace

Carve out a time in your day when you can meet with the Lord on a regular basis. Ideally this is at the beginning or the end of every day, when you can count on some uninterrupted alone time.

Choose a comfortable, private spot and make this your “meeting place.” Return to this spot regularly even if you are tempted to “have devotions on the go” or just get in bed and talk with the Lord before sleep. 

Prepare your spot with all the tools you may need or desire. Ideally these should include a desk (or comfortable table), a lamp, your Bible and a journal. Favorite pens or colored pencils are the preference of some. 

Select a devotional plan to guide you. “Thru the Bible in a Year” or a packaged study are helpful. Or If you are new to daily devotions, it is wise to begin with the Gospels and focus on the life of Jesus.

Follow your plan consecutively, continuing each day where you left off the day before. Do not play “Bible roulette” or open to random passages that seem to “speak to you.”

Quiet your Heart
Purposefully begin by creating sacred space, breathing in the fragrance of Christ; breathing out the busy tumbling thoughts. 

Approach this time with the attitude of building a relationship, listening as well as talking.

Read Slowly
This isn’t a marathon. Even a few verses or one of the parables of Jesus is fine. 

Jot it Down
If a word or a verse seems to shimmer, make note of it. If a thought floats to the surface, it could be the Lord speaking to you.  

Establish this new habit no matter how tired you are or how packed your schedule is. It will become so important and precious to you that you will fight to maintain the new discipline.

"But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. 
and all these things will be added to you."  Matthew 6:33

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