Tuesday, April 21, 2020

From Strength to Strength...Lights in the Windows

Good morning fellow traveler, 

Have you ever been starting out on a journey when the darkness seemed particularly intense or having to push through on a really dark stretch of road? 

What was your response to seeing a warm and inviting light ahead?... approaching a house with lights on…bright and welcoming?... better yet, lights in the windows inviting you to warmth and safety?

Years ago, while having to attend some 8:00am seminary classes, a very early start to the hefty drive was required.   I remember my need of strong resolution as I set out, especially during those icy winter months.  There was a particular house on that journey that always flooded me with sense of safety and encouragement.  I would round the bend and there it was: bright, warm, and beckoning with candle lights in the windows.  I remember my tension always releasing with a sigh and my breathing relaxing with consolation and confidence.  My sense would be:

  • There’s my safe place in case I need help!
  • Yes, those people are awake!  They would welcome me.
  • Daylight will soon be coming.  All will be well.

I have always placed candles in my windows for that reason.  That is the image, the message I desire to emanate because it’s Him, the Jesus I represent. 

How about you fellow traveler?  What has been your experience traveling this world’s dark roads?  How are you placing lights in your windows to welcome the lonely, the least, the lost?

We’re on one of the world’s darkest roads now ….Covid-19.  Recently a pic was posted on Facebook of a similar window with a similar candle …a  reminder of an ancient practice of Christians signaling and welcoming fellow Christians to a safe shelter. 

Put a light in your windows Christ follower…both actually and spiritually.  Reach out in your neighborhood, grocery store, workplace -even digitally.  Be that Christ light of peace, assurance, and safety to those who are frightened and lost.  Be Christ as only you uniquely can.  Be light and life to those around you, where He has uniquely placed you.

“Life was in Him, and that life was the light of men.  That light shines in the darkness, yet the darkness did not overcome it.”  John 1:4-5

Your light will not be overcome. 

On the journey with you,