Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"...From Strength to Strength..." The New and Next Season

Much of the land of Israel is arid and dry.  The landscape is dotted with desolate wadi’s that are transformed into rushing rivers during the early and latter rains.  As the waters are drawn to underground caverns, they leave behind lush green oases that refresh and sustain. 

The Psalmist and author of Psalm 84 knew this well as he described Baca, “a place of weeping” transformed to “a place of springs.”   This personifies the journey from strength to strength.
The terrain of our life is certainly the same.  It is a place of pilgrimage, sometimes arid and dry. Yet the setting of our hearts will determine our discovery of these often, much needed oases.  Just as the physical places of Israel are fed by deep underground lakes and refreshing springs, so too will we discover our deeper spiritual existence.  It is there that the taproots of our dry and sometimes weary souls are sustained.

My life’s path has criss-crossed this often desolate, but always magnificent wilderness scape. 
I am a single mom of 5 married children, 15 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.  A profound encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ following a very painful divorce and the tragic and violent deaths of both parents, changed the trajectory of my life forever.  With Him the next season was one of healing and growth as I worked full time and raised this large and wonderful family. 
Now with this website and the resources of this new ministry, it is my desire to share all the Lord has taught, as He walked with me through these circumstances.  I’ve learned that it is possible to find these oases.  I’ve learned that it is possible to create “sacred space” of deeper intimacy with Him, which encompasses every moment and circumstance of every day. 
Won’t you join me in the journey “…from Strength to Strength…?”
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Carolyn Herbert
“Happy are the people whose strength is in You, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage…”
Psalm 84:5