Monday, May 20, 2019

From Strength to Strength...My Times are in Your Hands

 “But I trust in You, O Lord; I say, You are my God.  My times are in Your Hand…”  Psalm 31: 14-1

​Greetings Dear Readers,

The grandfather clock that has graced our family for decades is ticking again, filling this new home with its comforting and familiar presence.  It had lost its delicate balance in a move that recently took place in my life.  What a joy to hear its beautiful chimes after several weeks of an odd empty silence.  It’s amazing how loud silence can seem…forcing attention…inviting a pause…suggesting a sabbath to adjust.
Major change does require adjustment. 

I’ve been pondering what that must have meant for Jesus’ loved ones and followers.  Those three days and nights while He was in the tomb surely were the loudest yet most silent of times…the longest of Sabbaths.  These weeks, my devotions have been focused on what it must have been like for them after Resurrection morning.  I’ve lingered over those encounters…each filled with joy, bewilderment, wonderment, incredulousness, hope…yes…and adjustment. 

Jesus was different as He spoke with Mary Magdalene in the garden, as He spent time with those on the Emmaus walk and meal, with those who touched Him and broke bread with Him in the upper room appearances, and with the disciples having breakfast with Him on the Galilee beach.   I’ve been wondering what that must have been like for them.

I’ve also been wondering if Jesus sought out His mom.  The Scriptures are silent but oh my…!   If He did, what was that like for her?
And perhaps my favorite meditation has been His appearance to broken, weeping Simon who had betrayed Him.  We know it happened for the Gospel attests to it:

“…The Lord has risen indeed, and appeared to Simon!” ( Luke 24:34)

Pondering how incredible that restoration must have been, I remembered times when I had experienced the Lord’s amazing love and forgiveness, and thankfulness flooded my soul.

As I’m writing this I can hear my grandfather clock ticking.  An exciting new season has begun in my life.  Balance has been restored and new rhythms are in place.  Things seem back to normal…yet everything is different. 

For the disciples, Jesus had risen from the dead just as He promised.  But life certainly wasn’t back to “normal” after the silence of the grave.

How about you?  Are you adjusting to any new normals or are you in a season of silence? 

Where is Jesus in your life?  How are you encountering Him?  Remember, you may not recognize Him until He opens your eyes.  Enter into His stillness and wait upon Him.  Balance will be restored.  The clock will start ticking again.  He will lead the way. 

It’s so good to be back!  I’ve missed you all!